Our Story

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A movement IN THE MAKING...

In the Spring of 2015, two individuals, Demarr & Sean, set out to follow their path to entrepreneurship with funds from their jobs as well as passion for fashion.  These two men for the next 12-18 months would create many types of custom designed apparel for a multitude of clients. Fast forward today, they are looking to take the next step in their journey by finding other startup artists/designers that want to take their brands to the next level. The two men are Owner/Co-Owner of one of the up & coming custom clothing boutiques in the Tri-State area.

Imagine the Ability to Create a Shirt, with a minimum quantity being 1, as well as no maximum. That is the goal of BH Fashion & Clothing Co. High Quality Products that everyone from small businesses, artists, or the casual customer, can order & know that they may be 1 of a very few with this product on the planet. Very. Powerful. Stuff.

We're not creating a brand, We're creating a "Platform" to CREATE brands.

YOU Think It. WE Make It. THEY Wear It.

A MOVEMENT In The Making.

BH Fashion & Clothing Co.