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The ULTIMATE PARTY Favor of ALL PARTY Favors!!! That’s What We Do!!

We Provide On-The-Site Selfie Shirts Prints For ALL in attendance.

That’s Not ALL.

Whether there’s a professional photographer on site with their highly accurate DSLR camera, pictures produced by those in attendance with their smartphones, or you come to us to provide High-Quality Photo shots at the event with our very powerful DSLR, we’re able to reproduce the High Definition picture onto any size shirt of your choice, a DIFFERENT SHIRT FOR EVERY guest in attendance…….HOW COOL IS THAT!!!???

By simply taking a number ticket in our booth at the event & providing us with the photo that you would like on the shirt, letting us know the size of the shirt you would like, emailing it to the address provided on the banner above the station, in just a few minutes you have an awesome keepsake of the event to wear everywhere you go!!!



For our Off-Site Service for Events, we provide BULK prices for special events that don’t require our presence, but would like to have Awesome PARTY Favors provided at the event. Shirts, Mugs, Hoodies, Framed Shirts, just a few of the items to name that are Made-To-Order prior to the big occasion.



1. Christenings/Ramadan (Ramzan)

Just as we would with Weddings, we also provide On-Site as well as Off-Site services for Christenings. We can customize a special onesie on-site (For the special child) with a special photo of your choosing as well as shirts for those in attendance. Want a picture of the Godparents, parents, & pastor with the baby on a onesie?? We can do that. Want pictures of every moment of the baptism of your little one on YOUR shirt?? We can do that as well!! Let’s not forget Ramadan. We can create shirts to celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr, the end of the fasting period. Would you like members of your mosque (in a photo together) on your shirt?? We can do that. How about the photo of children celebrating Eid-Al-Fitr & using the photos on shirts for the children as the Eidiyah?? We can do that. We want to accommodate all Events & cultures as we recognize that our differences bring us closer together. But our shirts will bring us even closer!!!!!!!

2. Anniversaries/Birthdays/Holiday Events

For Anniversaries, Birthday Parties, Holiday Events, we provide “Pre-Ordered” Tees & other customized gifts ONLY for these specific occasions. “On-Site Services” are considered on a case-by-case basis provided that it meets our criteria for us to consider using resources for smaller events with less guests

3. Vow Renewal Ceremony

For this smaller, more intimate occasion, we provide off-site services ONLY. We provide “Pre-Ordered” Custom Shirts, “Pre-Ordered” items such as custom mugs, tote bags, etc. In rare cases, we will consider providing On-Site Services for the more intimate events, provided that it meets our criteria for us to consider using resources for smaller venues & less guests.

4. Weddings/Wedding Receptions

The Wedding Favor above ALL other wedding favors, imagine every guest from babies to kids, to teens, to adults in attendance with their OWN unique picture on a onesie or a shirt or even a Hoodie!! (If your wedding is scheduled during the cold winter months!!). What a great way to get everyone in attendance involved in your biggest day!! Whether they are taking selfies, a professional photographer taking the memorable photos, or asking us to take a photo of you & family/friends & photos with the Bride/Groom, the possibilities are endless!! This Wedding Favor is bound to catch attention from all of those in attendance!! On-Site Services as WELL as off-site services are provided for this very special occasion!!

5. Quinceaneras/Sweet 16

You’re only 15 & 16 once. Why not have a blast by having your besties & family members create shirts of their own at your celebration!!! With our high quality White tees, everyone in attendance will fit into the traditional colors while also having a blast showing off their shirts on social media!!

6. Bar Mitzvahs/Bat Mitzvahs

The young man or young woman being celebrated family has been preparing for this special day for years. After Shabbat & Kiddush, why not have everyone wear photo shirts during Horah!! Our shirts are perfect for the occasion, we have plain white tees, or multi-colored raglan of his or her choice, with ANY photo of their choice on the tee. Mazel Tov!!!!!

Pricing (How pricing is calculated)

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