STore closings

Brick and mortar stores have been hit pretty hard. Regardless of the factors and the reasons (and believe us, there are MANY), we feel as though this is a HUGE opportunity for us to create new niches with new ideas to fill the void left by the old retail players closing shops. This cycle has been tagged as “The Retail Apocalypse” due to the boom in online shopping (e-commerce) and the decrease in brick and mortar shopping. While BHFC, Co. is getting its foot in the door via e-commerce, we have a viable long-term plan to occupy “some” of brick and mortar spaces left behind by “old companies” unwilling to adapt with the times, but more important, ENGAGE with all of you in person AND online!! We hav a “vision", to jumpstart the retail space with fun, new ideas!! Stay tuned!!!

September Jobs Report: Lower Unemployment But Retail Jobs Take An Unusually Large Hit
The September jobs report is a case of confusion. Unemployment is down to 3.7%. And yet, the new jobs were a weak 134,000, missing expectations.

Some economists say that the report is consistent with a strong economy. Blame goes to Hurricane Florence, they say.

But that's not really what the Bureau of Labor Statistics thinks:

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