Retail unemployment

There’s such a huge pool of talent out there hurting due to lack of opportunities in the retail space, ESPECIALLY when it comes to employment in the “fashion” retail sector. Some say, it’s a “natural” progression due to the boom in e-commerce. Regardless of the factors, we feel that there’s an awesome opportunity in front of us to help the “job market” and create entrepreneurs that were given the boot. Fashion has been largely disconnected from the customer in terms of including them into “the process” of designing the apparel they like, AND JUST HAVING FUN!! To have a business model that says, “here, this is what WE think you should buy, with the design WE had in mind, without YOUR input.” Well, no wonder so many brick and mortar stores are closing down and so many unfortunate jobs are eliminated. We want to offset, no, we WILL offset the job losses and we have the ideas as well as the tools, to do so!!

The mall crisis is secretly morphing into a full-on Armageddon
As stores close around the country, one symptom of the retail apocalypse has been overlooked. While many brands announce their store closures in earnings calls and press releases, others are quietly pulling back their footprint and letting store leases expire.

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